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Community public drying area.

Evening News (Reporter Huang Linwen/Picture) Recently, there are more shelves made of metal on the green space near the upper level of Binjiangyuan Community. What is the use of these shelves? The reporter visited and learned that it was originally a public drying rack set up in the community property.

The manager of Guangxi Quanju Property Service Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the management of Binjiangyuan Community, told reporters that the high-level population of the community is relatively dense. There are often owners who "open their own premises" to dry their clothes in the community, and some in the small trees. Tied a rope, and then put the heavy quilt directly on it, and the small tree was overwhelmed; some hung the quilt directly on the rest chair and fitness equipment, which was very unsightly; some owners simply spread the quilt on some low Drying the bushes and crushing a lot of trees... "We have discouraged these uncivilized behaviors by the owners, but they have had little effect. Sometimes the drying rope is cut helplessly, and there is also a conflict with the owners." Manager Luo said.

In June this year, the community business committee held its third meeting. Some owners proposed to set up a drying area in a low-lying place with sufficient sunlight, which can meet the needs of the owners and will not affect the overall environment of the community. The owner's idea was supported by the property company. The two sides repeatedly discussed the design sketches, and finally used galvanized pipes to make the drying rack. Seven public drying areas were opened in the community, and the cost was paid from the community's public maintenance fund.

The reporter saw in one of the drying areas that the drying rack is about 1.7 meters high and the material is strong. It can be reached by reaching out and can dry more than 10 beds of quilts at the same time. The property staff have also planted some low-rise plants around the drying racks, that is, they do not block the sunlight and are beautiful. Granny Tao, who was drying her quilt, told reporters that she lived on the 17th floor, the sun couldn’t reach the balcony, and she hung her clothes outside the anti-theft net, and she was worried about being blown away by the wind. There might even be safety risks. It's so convenient."

【Reporter's Notes】

Drying clothes seems to be a small problem, but it becomes a big problem in many communities. The practice of Binjiangyuan Community is based on the needs of the owners and is praised by the owners with humanized intimate management, creating a harmonious community atmosphere. It coincides with the concept of creating a civilized city in our city and is worth learning.



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