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With the rapid development of mobile Internet and consumption upgrade, independent innovation of intelligent retail is the future development direction of production enterprises, and daily necessities manufacturers are also facing the need for transformation and upgrading. A few days ago, Guangzhou Chaowei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which had just won the "Top Ten Light Industry Enterprises of 2018" award, made a good industry demonstration.


The selection of the top ten in the light industry not only focuses on the scale of the enterprise, but also takes into account comprehensive indicators such as the company's profitability, value creation capability, social contribution and growth, and emphasizes the balanced development of the enterprise, which can comprehensively and dynamically reflect the competitiveness of the enterprise. . These standards also happen to be the best comments on Chaowei Technology.


Balanced development

Chaowei Technology owns well-known brands such as "Chaowei", "Beibeijian", "Weiwang", "Zeland", "Home" and "Runzhisu". Its products cover insect repellent, household cleaning, air care, and intelligence Household tools. Chaowei Technology addresses consumer needs from a lifestyle perspective, and has the ability to quickly replicate and incubate new brands and categories.Chaowei Technology adheres to the marketing model of thousands of people, multiple brands, and multiple categories to provide consumers with a one-stop smart lifestyle solution.


Innovative R&D

Through continuous investment and construction, Chaowei has built a global innovative R&D system. With a more open, free and dynamic enterprising spirit, it has successfully achieved technological breakthroughs and innovations time and time again, leading the industry's most cutting-edge technology trends. 

In recent years, Chaowei Technology has achieved many achievements in technological breakthroughs. Such as the first lotus cleaning technology, which realizes the two-in-one cleaning of home surface cleaning, making the next cleaning easier; efficient sterilization and long-acting antibacterial technology, non-toxic and non-irritating formula technology, giving you a cleaner and healthy home environment; efficient Heavy oil removal technology, kitchen oil removal is easier, the product is more gentle and not irritating; advanced toilet wall hanging technology, the effect is longer lasting, the smell is more fragrant; the domestic first hyfluthrin series of hygienic insecticides, better help the family To achieve anti-mosquito in summer and sleep in peace; the first domestic technology of volatile mosquito repellent tablets to achieve health, safety, dust-free, non-heat-proof mosquito...The research and development of these innovative technologies have injected new vitality into the household daily use industry, and are also Constantly improving the quality of life of consumers at home.





Guangzhou Chaowei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. stands out from many well-known enterprises by virtue of years of ingenuity quality, advanced technical advantages, strong brand influence and industry-leading market strength. In the node of the daily necessities industry that is facing transformation and upgrading, Chaowei Technology has written a road to Hongzhuang with the development of the enterprise, which has made a demonstration and an example for the industry.


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