119 Fire Drill Of Zhejiang Hanser Technology Co.,Ltd

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To seriously prevent the elimination of pollutants in the body [2019] No. 6 in the spirit of the organization, organize a fire safety month publicity campaign on the theme of "preventing fire risks and building a better home", to create strong publicity measures for fire safety transmission in the jurisdiction to improve people’s Fire safety awareness and fire self-help knowledge. On the morning of November 7th, firemen on Haimen Street carried out fire safety publicity and education activities for more than 200 employees of Zhejiang Hengshen Technology Co., Ltd. Hengshen's production department and various departments jointly participated in the fire extinguishing drill.

Before the drill began, the company's executive vice president Jiang Yongnian emphasized the important role of fire safety for the development of the enterprise. Especially in the coming autumn, the weather gradually became dry, and the electricity and fire phenomena increased significantly. It is easy to cause fire accidents. Therefore, the company's fire safety has become the top priority of the factory's safety production. Through the fire drill, all employees can raise their awareness of fire safety, enhance their skills in fire self-rescue, and play a positive role in promoting future production safety and family safety.

According to the actual situation and details of fire safety, Haimen street firefighting staff explained the firefighting knowledge points, and advocated that enterprises should strengthen the "inspection and elimination of fire hazards, the ability to fight primary fires, the ability to organize evacuation and escape, and the firefighting propaganda and education ability". For capacity building, enterprise staff must "know the hazards of post-fire, the measures to prevent fires, the methods of fighting fires, the methods of evacuation and evacuation, and the use of fire-fighting equipment, report the fire alarm, be able to fight the first fire The skills of organizing evacuation and escape, combined with the knowledge of electricity, gas and fire in daily work and life, introduced the main causes of the fire, the hazards caused, fire prevention, fire suppression, and explained after the fire The self-prevention and self-rescue methods, first aid for trauma ambulance, escape techniques, etc., mainly introduced the use of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke masks, alarm flashlights and other fire fighting equipment. At the same time, companies are also required to learn the lessons of major corporate fire cases and production safety cases, improve employees' safety precautions, enhance safety quality and skills, require enterprises to establish and improve safety management systems, and form good habits of self-inspection and self-improvement of hidden dangers. It is necessary to promote 5S on-site management and create a clean and safe working environment.  

The fire drills were conducted in an orderly and intense manner according to a predetermined plan. The purpose of the exercise is to improve the company's overall fire prevention and control level, employees' fire safety awareness and enhance employees' initial fire suppression potential, effectively prevent fires and minimize hazards. Make employees more clear: Once a fire occurs, be calm and calm. Everyone knows what to do-how to call the police correctly, how to properly fight the initial fire, how to evacuate people; further increase the potential for fire prevention and control.

After the fire drill, the firemen in Haimen Street called on all employees to learn and master fire safety knowledge and enhance their awareness of fire safety. Once a fire is found, it is necessary to respond calmly and do a good job of safety precautions. We have reason to believe that today’s exercise must be It will provide effective practical experience for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future, and also lay a solid safety foundation for daily production work! 


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